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Geotechnical Stabilization White Papers

Understanding and Conquering Sinkhole Repairs with URETEK’s Deep Injection Process

>> PDF Download: Sinkhole 101 – Sinkhole Repairs

Understanding Joint Repair: Extend the Life of Concrete Flooring Using Minimally-Invasive Repair Applications

>> PDF Download: Joint Repairs

The URETEK Method® to control Concrete, Soil, and Infrastructure Problems.

>> PDF Download: URETEK Method®

The URETEK Deep Injection® Process (UDI) for Building Structures

>> PDF Download: URETEK Deep Injection® Process

The URETEK™ Advantage for Public and Private Infrastructures

>> PDF Download: URETEK Infrastructure Repairs

Achieve Stabilized Ground and Improved Structure Alignment with No Digging and Minimal Downtime

>> PDF Download: Building to Building Alignment

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