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Compaction Grouting

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This foundation repair technique may consist of excavation to bedrock, placement of low-slump mix (such as cementitious grout) in the excavation, and placement of compacted fill to grade level. This approach should be taken with caution, because grout loss may be excessive if the underlying solution conduits are large (the hollow nature of karst terrain provides conduits through which underground streams flow through).

Chemical Grouting Process

Typically, chemical grouting, also known as compaction grouting, is the injection of a very stiff, pumpable cementitious grout mixture at very high pressure into specific areas in the soil. The expanding globular mass of grout then compacts the soil around each point of discharge. Compaction grouting is most commonly done in stages, working from the bottom up, since this is the fastest method. It is generally used for pre-construction site improvement, to halt foundation settlements, rectify sinkhole problems, and to lift and level slabs and foundations.

Advanced grouting techniques, such as compaction grouting, may be used for more demanding foundation and repairs. The grout consistency, pressure of grout delivery, and grout placement strategy are important aspects of these more advanced methods. Consideration should be given to the potential for interference with groundwater circulation and induced flooding due to the sinkhole repair. Sinkhole repairs should include active measures to limit the exposure of the repaired area to storm water, if feasible. This is related more to high volume cementitious grout blocking the subterranean natural path of runoff.

Cost Efficient Compaction Grouting Alternative

Hi-tech Soil Stabilization is pleased to offer the most advanced lifting and stabilization solution – URETEK’s Deep Injection Process.

URETEK polymer is injected through penny-sized, 5/8″ holes using a controlled, low-impact process Material expands up to 25 times the material’s liquid volume polymer strengthens to 100% in 30 minutes Weak soils are tightened, structural slabs are realigned high moisture content is driven out problematic concrete and soil concerns are fixed at the source.

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