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Concrete Slab Lifting

Servicing Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, & Maryland

Hi-Tech Soil Stabilization offers the ideal solution for numerous concrete lifting and stabilizing applications.

Concrete Lifting with the URETEK method

  • Our material and application process quickly remediates large areas of sunken concrete in a fraction of the time and cost to break out and replace the same area
  • The URETEK polymer is injected through penny-sized holes drilled into the area that needs raising – it then expands, filling the voids and lifting the affected area
  • URETEK operators can control lifting accuracy up to 1/8″ tolerance, having surgical control during the lifting process – this prevents “overlifting” of the sunken concrete
  • Lifted concrete that is supported with the URETEK polymer is restored to its original load-bearing capacity – resulting in improved performance of your concrete asset
  • This cost-efficient concrete lifting service offered by Hi-Tech Soil Stabilization is fast, economical, durable and environmentally-friendly

Visit our Industries page to see how our concrete lifting and stabilizing applications are used across a variety of industrial, commercial and residential markets.

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