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Concrete Expansion Joint Repair

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Challenges involving joints and cracks should be repaired before they become major problems that affect productivity. Problems such as these should also be repaired before any floor coating or polishing application is executed.

  • Joints play a critical function in determining the long-term durability of a concrete floor
  • oint repair is commonly needed to address cracked concrete flooring problems
  • Cracked concrete can be the result of many direct and indirect factors
  • Hi-Tech Concrete Coatings’ joint repair applications utilize a minimally-invasive process that repairs damaged joints, fills voids and repairs cracked areas beyond the joints

The end result is a seamless, stabilized concrete floor that provides easier cleanup, improved light reflectivity, overall extended life of the floor and cost savings.

Causes of Damaged Concrete Joints

Flooring is a critical element of most any building – its function, especially for many industrial and commercial operations, is to serve as a work platform that supports the movement of material handling vehicles or the heavy load of stationary equipment. Floors that are smooth and interruption-free allow optimum movement and productivity. When problems have the potential to negatively affect productivity, they should be addressed immediately.

Common problems affecting concrete flooring are:

    • Damaged Joint Edges – Concrete floors are segmented by construction and control joints. As material handling vehicles cross over these joints, their hard wheels can wear or break off these edges. This is called “spalling”. Spalled joint edges deteriorate rapidly under hard-wheeled traffic.
    • Voids Along Sides of Joints – Voids occur as concrete slabs become misaligned, resulting in a floor that has unstable areas under and around the joints.
    • Random Cracks in Joints – There are two types of concrete: the kind that is cracked, and the kind which will eventually crack. In many situations, it’s an inevitable occurrence. The floor joints induce the cracks to follow a straight line.

Expansion Joint Repair from Hi-Tech Concrete Coatings

Joint and crack repair is a major component of concrete floor maintenance. Every situation is unique, and the joint repair applications offered by Hi-Tech Concrete Coatings handle each customer challenge with impressive results that are:

    • Fast – The repair is often performed while maintaining normal business operations with minimal downtime.
    • Effective – The materials used in the joint repair process are lightweight and expansive, with the ability to fill voids with a minimal amount of additional overburden weight
    • Economical – The repair process is priced consistently below alternative repair methods, and implementing the repair significantly reduces the chance for additional repair costs down the road. In addition, machinery and other assets do not need to be moved or relocated to conduct the repair process; this allows for uninterrupted production and an ongoing revenue stream.
    • Durable – The material used is guaranteed for years against loss of dimensional stability or deterioration, and extends the overall life of the concrete floor.
    • Safe – Liability risk is greatly reduced by the repair process, as a result of a safer environment. The repair process also exceeds environmental requirements.

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