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Infrastructure Repair

Servicing Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, & Maryland

Hi-Tech Soil Stabilization offers the ideal solution for many infrastructure repair situations, including emergency restoration. Our versatile polymers have been used to repair everything from manholes and sewer systems to dams and levees.

Cost-Efficient Infrastructure Repair with the URETEK Method

  • Our unique “Zero Excavation” solution repairs without the need to excavate or cause major disruption
  • The URETEK polymer material is injected into penny-sized holes drilled at the site of the problem – it then expands to seal, encapsulate and stabilize the infrastructure system
  • Your asset is restored to its best performance – with increased value and reliability
  • Longer injection probes can be used to reach buried, leaking or cracked trouble spots
  • Emergency infrastructure operations can be mobilized within 24-48 hours, typically sooner.

Visit our Industries page to see how our concrete lifting and stabilizing applications are used across a variety of industrial, commercial and residential markets.

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