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Foundation Repair Technique with Minimal Downtime

Servicing Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, & Maryland

One of the biggest benefits of working with URETEK ICR Northeast is that we offer the least disruptive solution on the market for industrial, commercial and residential projects that require concrete lifting and soil stabilization.

Our unique foundation repair polymer technology and efficient application techniques allow our skilled operators to work around your business and keep your operations running at maximum efficiency. How do we do it?

  • The URETEK Deep Injection Process is extremely low impact – we inject our unique expanding polymer through penny-sized, 5/8″ holes
  • URETEK’s polymer strengthens to 100% in 30 minutes, letting us get the job done in hours, not days
  • We work on repairs while you maintain operations – there is little or NO downtime. No need to relocate your equipment, no need to relocate employees due to noise levels, and no need for dust cleanup following the project.

Strength in minutes – that’s what you’ll get when you choose Hi-Tech Soil Stabilization for your lifting and stabilization challenges.

VIDEO: See how URETEK is the ideal solution for 24/7 facilities.

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