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Sinkhole Remediation & Repair

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The reality about sinkholes is that without extensive geo-technical testing, they are very unpredictable – a black hole, literally. The recent weather-related events that have bombarded the entire East Coast, particularly our region, have left a path of damage on homes, commercial buildings, and the ground beneath and around these structures. Shallow sinkholes are one of the many problems that have surfaced and caused headaches for many.

Repairing Sinkholes, True & False

The following points are the basics related to repairing sinkholes – whether “true” or “false” sinkholes:

  • Sinkhole-like subsidences (“false” sinkholes) can appear for several reasons – mine subsidences, the decaying of buried organic material (such as tree roots or trash), the collapse of buried relict structures, or the washout of fill around pipes, especially due to a water main break.
  • “True” sinkholes are caused when surface material collapses into a void space beneath the surface. Under natural conditions, this process occurs very gradually but can be hastened by human activities. The timing, location and extent of a collapse usually have many influencing factors.

What Causes Sinkholes?

Sinkholes can result from the collapse of the roof of a cave (called cover collapse) but typically it is the piping of unconsolidated material from one location to another that causes most sinkhole events. This means that underground soil particles erode and wash through channels in the subsoil down through the Karst drains (Karst: a geologic formation shaped by the dissolution of a layer or layers of soluble bedrock, usually carbonate rock such as limestone or dolomite). Water is generally the primary triggering mechanism for sinkholes.

Sinkhole Remediation Solution

Hi-tech Soil Stabilization is pleased to offer the most advanced lifting and stabilization solution – URETEK’s Deep Injection Process.

URETEK polymer is injected through penny-sized, 5/8″ holes using a controlled, low-impact process Material expands up to 25 times the material’s liquid volume polymer strengthens to 100% in 30 minutes Weak soils are tightened, structural slabs are realigned high moisture content is driven out problematic concrete and soil concerns are fixed at the source.

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